My Cheating Wife
Divorce - the required parenting class

It’s really something to sit in a room full of 70 people who are all going through divorce and all have children involved. A room of pain. WIth the exception of the DOL, you don’t get this wide diverse mix of people from every socio-economic class thrown together. In this case, it was not to be allowed to drive a car, but to be allowed to divorce when you have children. There were moments of levity when small jokes about the “other spouse” were made, but overall there was a melancholy, a sadness that enveloped the room, a shared pain of the responsible spouses, taking a mandatory class.

Possible to forgive?

I don’t think I ever can forgive. There has been too much betrayal and lies. It’s overwhelming. My new idea is to not make room for the obsessive thoughts of revenge and hurt. The visuals I carry of them together is too much to bear. She wants our marriage to continue, but she texts, talks and probably sees him on the side and then lies to me about it. At this stage the lies cause more pain than them being together. The foundation of trust is irretrievably broken. A house with no foundation cannot stand.

Her lawyer has requested all 1040’s, paystubs, records from all financial accounts. So it begins…

Men need help too

I’ve read so much about all the issues women go through with cheating husbands, divorce, raising kids, but nothing about when it happens to the man. Why is that?